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Take a short survey in regards to chowing down on some chicken in the Philippines at KFC.

Customers will be rewarded with a coupon voucher in return for their efforts.

Visit Philippines to begin.

Expect to spend about 5 minutes taking the survey. Philippines Survey Instructions

  1. Find a KFC in the Philippines (use the KFC Location Tool)
  2. Order up some fried chicken and CHOW DOWN
  3. Save the receipt
  4. Hurry home and visit Philippines to begin
  5. Complete the entire survey to earn the coupon voucher

Please note you will need the 15 digit code at the bottom of the KFC receipt and Internet access.

More of a McDonald’s person? Check out the MCDVoice customer survey to earn a free Quater Pounder.


  • Take the survey immediately after your KFC visit (use the KFC feedback form)
  • Use high-speed internet
  • Provide honest answers to help improve the customer service at your local KFC
  • Sleep easy knowing you earned a coupon for your next KFC visit
  • Do not toss the receipt in the trash unless you have memorizes the KFC survey code

KFC Customer Service

Any questions in regards to the survey can be directed to 1-800-225-5532.

  • KFC Contact
  • Mail: 1441 Gardiner Lane, Louisville KY, 40213

MyKFCExperience Philippines Website


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