Subway Points: Check Subway Points and How to Get Subway Points


The Subway Points Rewards Program is somewhat confusing to even the most loyal Subway customers.

For that reason we here at SweepstakesWallet have created this guide to cut through the smog.

How to Get Subway Points

In order to earn points the customer must enroll into the lucrative SUBWAY MYWAY REWARDS program.

To do so the customer will have to provide their phone number when registering for the SUBWAY MYWAY REWARDS program, scanning the digital card in the Subway App, or swiping the Subway Card before completing a purchase.

To join this lucrative rewards program please visit

Check Subway Points

To Check Points Online simply access the users Subway MyWay Rewards account by clicking HERE.

How to Get Subway Points

Subway Way Points Chart

  • 10 points = 1 cookie
  • 15  = one bag of chips
  • 20  = regular size fountain drink (coke, sprite, dr. pepper, root beer, tea, coffee)
  • 20  = add double meat, bacon, cheese to any regular sub (a BIG must for customers on the notorious keto diet)
  • 30  = bottle beverage
  • 35 = breakfast sammy or flatbread
  • 50 = regular 6 inch sub
  • 65 = premium 6 inch sub
  • 75  = regular footlong sub or flatbread
  • 75 = premium breakfast sammy or flatbread
  • 100 = premium footlong sub

subway rewards points chart

It does not appear that the points expire and they cannot be sold or traded in for cash contrary to popular belief.

How many Points for a free sub?

Based on the above image it appears a regular footlong sub will cost the customer 75 points while a 6 inch sub will set the customer back 50 points.

Based on the math presented above it is obvious the customer should hold out until they reach 75 Points before trading them in for a sub.

Subway Card Points Balance

Simply visit and click on the manage account tab (an image of the Subway Rewards icon is shown below).

Subway Card Points Balance

Contrary to popular belief the Subway Weight Watchers Points Program is not associated with the Subway MyWay Rewards program.

The Subway Weight Watchers program is designed for those who are looking to shed a few pounds by eating smaller meals through out the day.

Ideal Subway Menu items to order when attempting to shred the pounds include the shredded salad the veggie sub, or the 6 inch turkey sub on honey oat bread.

Calories, fat, saturated fat, fiber, protein, carbohydrates, and sodium are displayed on the Weight Watcher Points and Points Plus information page.

Digging the Subway Points Rewards Program?

Check out these promotions:

Also please note Subway Weight Watchers Points and Points Plus are rounded to the nearest point and based on non-official weight watcher points calculations.

subway points

Subway Rewards Add Points From Receipt?

Scatterbrained individuals who forgot to mention to the Sandwich Artist that they are a SUBWAY MYWAY REWARDS member can still go back and claim the points via the Subway missing Tokens process.

Once the customer has accessed their Subway account they will have to provide information from their receipt.

If it has been more than 30 days since the purchase took place the Subway customer can kiss the points goodbye… adios amigo!

Subway Points Rewards Register Recap

  • Will take less than 60 seconds to complete
  • Is a BIG MUST for consumers in the United States who frequent Subway more than a few times per month
  • Must visit to start earning points

Subway reserves the right to terminate or modify the terms of the Subway MyWay Rewards promotion at any time for any reason.

Hence any questions in regards to the program can be directed to the Subway customer service number at toll-free 1-800-888-4848.

Customers can also reach out the Subway corporate office in regards to any questions they have about Subway restaurant and or food.

Subway Restaurant Contact Information

The Subway Corporate office is based at Doctor’s Associates Inc., 325 Bic Dr Milford, CT 06461.

Those looking to contact the corporate office by phone should dial 203-877-4281.  Subway catering issues? Please dial 877-360-CATER(2283).

Customers looking to learn how to check the balance of a Subway Gift Card are barking up the wrong tree!

Please visit Subway Gift Card Balance Check to learn more about that subject.

Finally the Subway Points Rewards Program Website


  1. I just went to subway in Burlington New Jersey Rte 541. I tried to redeem my 128 reward points. That supposed to be enough for a free sub. The cashier said subway no longer do it that way they only reward dollars towards purchase. So I had to pay $5.32 is this the new way or not


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